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Duc DOP Terra Alta

It has an aroma that evokes tomato, banana and ripe fruit. In the mouth it is a rich, harmonious and balanced oil that skilfully combines bitter and spicy flavours, creating a pleasant sensation of fulfilment.

  • DOP: DOP Terra Alta 
  • Olive variety: Empeltre and Arbequina 
  • Acidity: < 0,4 %
  • Polyphenols: 200 ppm

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Reference: Unio-DUC-001-250ml

Brand: Duc

DUC - DOP Terra Alta Olive Oil


DUC - DOP Terra Alta Olive Oil Duc extra virgin olive oil is the result of a painstaking process of cultivation, selection and production by our Terra Alta cooperatives; a pact with nature that we seal year after year, harvest after harvest.

Reference: DUC-O-0001

Brand: Duc

DUC Olives


For centuries, the olive trees of Terra Alta, the Priorat and Ribera de Ebro have grown in silence, becoming strong and robust while weathering sun, wind and storm. However, these vigorous branches produce a very delicate fruit, the arbequina olive. With just a little salt and water, we are able to capture their intense flavour and preserve these olives...

Reference: DUC-V-001

Brand: Duc

Duc Vinegar


Duc vinegar evokes the most traditional Mediterranean cuisine essence. This vinegar is produced with red wine, made of Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety. Its intense red garnet colour and its aroma, rich in nuances, make it an outstanding vinegar. On the palate it is elegant and gentle, with a wonderful presence of vegetable and fruity notes.